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December 21, 2012

[Image: k4FCv.jpg]
Amazing Collection of Fisher Price Toys @ KOOLSKOOL

Fisher Price Act Sounds Choo Choo + Doodle Pro Clip-On Color Asst (FREE)

[Image: PqqLB.jpg] + [Image: 9xvbR.jpg]

Price: Rs.769/-
Click here to buy.

Fisher Price Magical Tea for Two+Fisher Price Activity Puzzle Game (FREE)
[Image: rhEH0.jpg] + [Image: o1Jdn.jpg]

Price: Rs.1199/-
Click here to buy.

Fisher Price Spin’N Spiral Doodler + Doodle Pro Expressions Assorted (FREE)

[Image: Hca95.jpg] + [Image: i57nP.jpg]
Price : Rs.1899/-
Click here to buy.

Fisher Price Grow-with-Me Inline Skates-Boys + Lmk Medical Kit Restage (FREE)
[Image: R0MWf.jpg] + [Image: VhG2D.jpg]
Price: Rs.2199/-
Click here to buy.

Fisher Price Grow With Me 3-IN-1 Skateboard Assorted + Gmw Roller Skates (FREE)

[Image: UiywD.jpg] + [Image: uWXF8.jpg]
Price: Rs.3299/-
Click here to buy.

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